Friday, April 15, 2011

Project Two: Southern Cross Package Design Awards - Plans


The packaging was targeted for use between two people, or a gift to one or another. This container isn’t a family serving packaging, due to the target market presented above. The amount required to fit within the packaging was done by the exploration of supermarkets and retail stores, in which the quantity ranged between 150g – 225g, due to them being packaged for different purposes cooking, serving or eating. So a quantity was chosen within the range, 200grams. John Irwin was contacted who mentioned that this brief don’t specify, but he suggested quantities between 500g – 750g which is far too much for two people as a serving.


When transported from factory to retail shops, the size of the box has to be no bigger than 470 x 450 x 325mm each, as when employees have to stock shelfs the dispersing of the cardboard boxes from the trolley to the aisles must not be heavier than 20kg for the safety of person lifting the boxes. This was calculated: (knowing there are 48 packaging in one box)

(1) The amount of weight of the nuts and the packaging:

(2) The weight of the distribution box:

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