Friday, April 22, 2011

Australian Design Awards - Comments and Improvements

Sport & Leisure: Knog Tools

Catalyst Design Group

Knog Pty Ltd


The Knog tools are compact and connectable tools that can be used for various jobs. They are multifunctional in terms of the tools imbedded with neo-magnets for stacking and connecting ranges of tool heads to handles, therefore being interchangeable. They range from a 7, 12, 20 function tool, an adjustable shifter and pliers with the range of covers from hex keys to a 15mm wrench. The main structures of the tools are made out of anodized aluminium with harden steel still being compactable. It can also be used for opening a bottle.


  • Pocket-size.
  • Neo-magnets for stacking multiple tools.
  • Opens your beer.
  • extremely compact.
  • easily carried outside environments.
  • hardened steel.
  • magnetic.
  • all tools are modular and interchangeable.
  • Tough high quality cold-forged tool.
  • Nickel plated steel chassis for robust construction.
  • the range covers everything from hex keys to a 15mm wrench.
  • anodized aluminium top plate.
  • rubber logo insert.
  • more fashion savvy individuals.
  • a range of anodized finishes to suit your style.
  • Clever ‘transformer-like’ unfolding design.
  • playful human interaction component.
  • rust proof, as aluminium.
  • Only tools required can be taken with you, therefore less weight to carry.

  • The magnets might wear off over time and therefore the sturdiness of the tools isn’t up to their high standard and maximum force use.
  • Might collapse or fall apart from the magnetic connections when being used on tough jobs.
  • Can be easily lost or misplaced in places or tool box, as smaller and a compactable item.
  • Handles are tough on human form, when used with a lot of force.
  • Only can be used for smaller jobs.
  • Large enough to satisfy ergonomic form.

These ideas addresses the issues of strin on ones hand when force is applied on tool, projecting pain into the hands of the user as the edges of the metal are hard against the edges of the handles.

Examples: Tools Handles
    Sketches of Ideas A:
    IDEAS B:
    These ideas addresses the issues of the magnets in the design of the tools, as magnets strength wears off over time as well as it might not be as tough for jobs that require large force placed on the tool.
    Examples: Existing fasteners
Sketches of IDEAS B:


These ideas address the issues of strain placed on hands when using the tool. These ideas require minium change to existing idea, just change in shape to minimise pain on hand.

Sketches of IDEAS C:

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