Friday, April 15, 2011

Project Two: Southern Cross Package Design Awards - Development of Packaging


The packaging is designed for dispensing macadamia nuts, which are one of the premium nuts sold. Knowing that Macadamia nuts are Australian made, the design hinted this with the reasons of using a hexagonal form. Having defined straight edges with slight curve, it references to the logo of Australian companies.

The shape was adapted further by placing curved edges on two sides of the packaging as an indication and influence to one’s eyes to observe and follow through to an acrylic window where the nuts are displayed.

I decided to go with the rich maroon colour(royal, superior), and the name Signiture. I was focused in looking for curvature fonts to reflect Signiture. The font was Lamina Scott SCH . As well as Constantia font was used for “Macadamia Nuts”, as it was intended to stand out from the company name, completely opposite to curves.
The design also involved a window in the centre of the packaging to reassure the customers that “what you see is what you get”.  Originally the design of the window was a rain drop shape, however when looking at the design as a whole, the shape of the window didn’t have any connection with the packaging.

It was found that when people look at products and other forms of design, they look at objects geometrically, and try to relate or reference the shape to something they have experienced or seen. Therefore it was required to explore other shapes, in order for the consumer to relate to the object as a superior, premium packaging for nuts. So i changed to a shape of a macadamia nut to have that connection to the packaging.


Having the edges of the packaging straight, to allow the user to identify the product in way that reminds them of one person standing up straight, with chest out, back straight and head held high, and hand on hip which links back to the product being superior, proud to be on the shelf. It allows it to attract customers, compared to the cylindrical products already on the market. Being bold in form tolerates the attention that it needs for
customer’s as a premium product.

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