Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pre-final Posters

This week,  I presenetd  my pre - final posters to a focus group where they gave me some very valuable comments that I could fix and address to my product and poster design.

What are the issues, diffculties, or problems that my peer group found in understanding or interacting with my design, as expressed by my mockup and posters?

  • They were confused with the lid design. How does it open and close? Which way does it rotate? Does it block the spout of the pouch?
  • How is the pouch packaged in the store as a refill?
  • When placed in bag, it will squish and release petroleum jelly into the cap. This will be unpleasent to clean out the petroleum jelly that is trapped in the contours of the lid detail.
  • Maybe make it thinner.
  • Make it clear to the people viewing the posters that the top detail of the pouch is a feature that is harder to dispense the petroleum jelly from for children but not for adults.
What are my strategies for addressing the issues found? What steps should I take to ensure that my posters communicate the merits of my design in the best possible way for the Cormack industry critique next week?

  • Change or adjust the lid detail.
  • Provide arrows to make the function of the lid clear and more understandable in how it works and is released from many body.
  • Put the same bottom detail of the outer shell on teh pouch to assit in aligning the pouch in the shell when refilling as well as the pouch also being able to be hooked in the supermarket when the parent is purchasing refillables.
  • Having the shell parts be attached by a living hinge, to assist in opening the shell for refilling, rather than the parent trying to spilt the shells in two.
  • Add a detail on the cap so that when the parent opens and closes the cap their is plug that seals the pouch to avoid any petroleum jelly from being released in the cap detail when accidently squeezed.

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