Sunday, August 5, 2012

REVIEW 2: The 11th Hour

This video really captures the essence of human life and how it impacted environmental changes. It shows the issues and consequences of global warming and its dramatic effects. There needs to be a balance between human life and the environment.  With no balance the bio – sphere is suffering in that the environment might live but the human/animal life will suffer.
From the credited interviewees they comment on what life is, how we came about and the importance of life on earth. We as human have a great understanding in the creation of tools and communication. It is our developing minds that created the advancements and our attitudes and our economy driving the view on the environment destructions.
From this said, the film clearly identified the obverse issues in relation to the destruction of the planet. It was with the introduction of steam trains and fossil fuel plants thus the industrial and infrastructure revolution that caused nature to be a human resource rather than think of it as an equal. The main contributor to environmental impact is the oiling industry, thus effecting not only the environment, CO2 emissions but human health.
The most concerning point mentioned was global warming, it bring an element of uncertainty, causing rain fall, weather patterns to change. These destructions are concerning but it is a reality and should be aware of it by all. This is a crisis which is brilliantly demonstrating through this film. The level of destruction that is not only happening on land but in the ocean is having a dramatic effect on the eco – system. In fact it was sad to hear that most of this is affecting people in the less fortunate areas.
What was enticing from this film was the referencing to forces that are stopping change. They are the companies, industries especially the oiling companies that make choices and have authority that lead the change, which isn’t happening. For change to happen our culture and wellbeing needs to transform. Consumers need to have the knowledge and awareness to act, but we dismiss the problem and the beauty of the world. It is a global crisis.
This film was inspiring as it concludes with the idea of using our way of thinking, knowledge to help in restoring the earth thus our life. Looking at our culture and science and we must re- design design that is changing processes, high power and create a waste free industrial system. It is amazing how trees, insects, organic membranes do so much with no effect to the environment in comparison to our high energy machinery.
Nature and science is fascinating and is the key that is driving the solutions to help the improvements of the industrial era. It is rebuilding our infrastructure. It is about coming together in order to change, learn and the willingness to act. We have the economy, but it is using that economy affectively to change quickly. Thus, the introduction of the carbon tax was an incentive. We need to be smarter to save ourselves and the world we love.
Overall industrial designers when watching this film are inspired to design technology and products for the greater good and health of species, rather than just for the consumer and economy. Industrial designers are inspired to re-design design in favour of the environment, to influence the change of production and infrastructure to better sustain our life, in harmony and balance. It is up to the logic and intellects of not just designers to create products of sustainable qualities. We must look at ways in changing industrial process in comparison to how nature creates.
(a)   Economy is one major factor that is effecting the action being taken in reducing the effects on the environment. It is the economists that don’t consider that the environment can do much more for our way of living. Economists are the higher authorities that must drive the decisions to reduce pollution. It is all about economic gain which is diminishing the environment.
(b)   We humans are the cause of change. We must use the intelligence and knowledge of the world that we are destroying and find solutions, with technology in our favour. It is using our understanding and love of the world and life to fix the damage we have caused.

(c)    The industrial and infrastructure industries are not only causing effects on the environment but human’s health and wellbeing. It isn’t just affecting the land but the ocean and the eco – systems.
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