Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 1: Pure Care & Rationale

The redesign of the petroleum jelly container was a necessary problem to address, where the current design of the petroleum jelly container have an easy clip on & off cap which makes it easy for children at the ages of 5 and below to access  thus using the product inappropriately. 

This was evident through research of children using the petroleum jelly as a toy, for their hair or face. It seemed that the oily, smooth texture of the jelly is liked by young children, besides the fact that they don’t fully understand the usage of the product. Further research was conducted into the safety and healthiness of the product to see if this product is appropriate for new packaging, it resulted that ‘petroleum is [also] not considered safe for ingestion or internal use in large amounts.’  From this it was concluded thus identified that parents should have the control in using and applying
 the substance onto their child.

Besides looking at the problems faced with the easy accessibility of the packaging causing higher risks of children being unsafe, it was mentioned by many parents that they try to carry a minimal amount of items in their bag when outdoors with their children. Thus, the large structure of the container is not practical for parents that travel outdoors where they will require the need to carry the container for the comfort of their child. Likewise the content of the container is relatively not used in one go when the parent is outdoors.

[Solution]: My Design

The ‘Pure Care’ container manages the dispensing of petroleum jelly to a minimal amount and stopping children at that young age to access the inner content of the container. The main operation of the packaging is the parent presses the lid to open and squeeze the pouch to release the petroleum jelly into their hands. Having the petroleum jelly being squeezed into the parent’s hands reduces further contamination or gems being placed in the petroleum jelly container.   

The Pure Care packaging comes in two parts, the outer shell and pouch. The outer shell is shaped in an egg like form, for reason of comfort in one’s hand, but to reflect safety and gentleness, thus no rough edges with smooth contour lines. This is enhanced by the use of blue shades of colour to reinforce the clean and safety of the product being contained in the packaging. The outer shell has two living hinges within the design to allow for the lid to be attached to the form and avoid parents losing the lid as well as a living hinge to support the two main casings that is holding the pouch in place.
Pure Care has allowed for parents to be able to carry a minimal amount of petroleum jelly, when travelling from place to place. The outer shell has a wedge detail around the rim of the main body, which allows for the two parts to clip in and be squeezed together with the assistance of force and friction to wedge the parts together encasing the pouch. However the way it is put together, isn’t permanent, but able to be released, by pulling the two halves apart, whereby there are scallop details on the side of the form to indicate to the parents where they can place their hand to pull from.

Furthermore, with the ability for the shell of the packaging to come apart from the pouch that sits within the packaging it has allowed for the Pure Care product to be refillable, which is an approach in minimising the amount of  jelly being carried outdoors by parents. Hence the outer shell has five bosses that the pouch is slotted into for perfect alignment and instalment of a new pouch. These pouches can be bought within the supermarket by parents when needed. These refillable pouches are seal with an aluminium foil before used to avoid any tampering with.

Pure Care also addresses the transportation problem by the size of the packaging. It NET’s 65g, whereby it is small enough for transport purposes, thus able to be placed in either a baby bag or the mothers hand bag. The reasons of why the content of the petroleum jelly was reduced was to allow for the parent to not have to care around a large amount of petroleum jelly at the one time, knowing that they wouldn’t need to use it all on their day out. I also considered that the parent wouldn’t run out of the petroleum jelly in one go, but last a week so it could be refilled for the next two weeks or so.
Pure Care minimises the chances of children below the age of 5 to access the packaging as the lid must be pressed and rotated to prevent children in opening the lid but it also stops the mess created by children. However parents are able to still access the packaging, whereby there is a scallop detail on the lid to identify where to place the hand to press. This action is reinforced by embossed instructions near the lid.

The lid also has a cylindrical detail whereby when the packaging is closed it wedges into the pouch to stop any petroleum jelly being squeezed out of the packaging accidently if squashed in bag, thus it reduces over spillage of jelly to fill the recess of the outer shell.  This has been allowed as the pouch has a very thin wall section so it can be squeezed, but with the assistance of the cross section detail at the nozzle, allows for the plug to wedge down the detail and fasten in their tightly.

Likewise, Pure Care packaging is addressing the issue of sustainability, whereby the packaging is both recyclable and reusable. Pure Care Packaging is fully recyclable, whereby the entire packing is made out of Polypropylene so when the product goes to the recycling plant, the product won’t need to be separated thus reducing costs with the recycling of the product, but also there with be some saving with the manufacturing stage, as the packaging is made out of two parts only. The outer shell is injection moulded and the pouch is blow moulded. Having the pouch at a very flexible wall thickness with a large opening and cross section detail at the top of pouch allows for an injection pin to be inserted into the pouch and filled with the petroleum jelly.

Pure Care is reusable, as mentioned earlier as it can be refilled. However sustainability was also considered in the shelving of the product, whereby adding an additional feature, that is a hole at the top end of the organic form, allows the product to hang on hooks in the aisled of the store, eliminating the extra supporting material that would have been needed if shelved on the shelf. This goes the same with the refillable pouches.

In conclusion, Pure Care prevents children of 5 years and below from accessing the petroleum jelly product and creating a mess when not supervised by the parents. It keeps them from harm’s way if ingesting the product, also it allows for the parent to carry a minimal amount of the product around with them for the comfort of their child. Plus the packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, by reusing and recycling and increasing the life span of the products usage.


  1. This looks like a more fun and aesthetically more pleasing concept of what generally is a dull, standardised product. The refill attribute is a clever idea that should help to minimise waste of materials.
    I think the graphics could be more 'child-like', so far they seem to be too adult orientated. Possibly a different colour scheme or a little character to appeal to kids more.

  2. The is a great concept of a product that badly needed a redesign. It's great how the packaging is now much more user friendly and hygienic. I really like how the smaller insert is replaceable but the outer casing is reusable. I particularly like the way the packaging needs to be squeezed and is less likely that children can create a lot of mess if they got their hands on it.
    Adding a bit more colour instead of different shades of blue could really make this design great.

  3. This seems like a really innovative solution. It doesn't look very child like but I think that it works well, as it is appealing to health conscious parents. There is so much information and it helps communicate the product. The point-of-purchase display is very effective. Can't think of what to change. It's bonza!!!

  4. I think this is a clever design solution which not many people have considered redesigning. I can see that you have done detailed research and provided appropriate solution. I can understand that the design of the form and the colour was intending to not attract the hands of little kids. The rendering is very detailed and one of the best ones i have seen today~ good work !

  5. This is very interesting. To be honest I didn't realise there was a problem with the current packaging until I saw your redesign. The form of it seems quite friendly and ergonomic and even without labels, it is quite obvious where the consumer needs to hold/squeeze the container etc. The colours you've chosen seem very appropriate too. Not too sterile but still retaining a medical feel.

  6. I think that there is very clear direction with your design. I think that it is a clever packaging solution for something that has not changed possibly forever. The posters are also very clear at communicating your design.

    I can very much understand the colour choice you have gone with, but as some others have already mentioned, it just doesn't look very kiddish. I think that in this situation it would be mainly the parents doing the choosing rather than the kids persuading the parents.