Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project One: Sheet Material - Developing Recycling Bin

Looking at the brittleness and rigidness of the material, I chose to design a recycling bin, as the purpose of the bin doesn’t involve it to hold a lot of weight. As well as this sheet material, come under the heading “plastic” which is seen as not a high level of value, which again suits the idea of the bin, because a bin isn’t valued as an expensive product similar to the value of the plastic. Therefore the choice of material suits the choice of designing a recycling bin, which in term will then satisfy the properties of eth material, as this paper bin will not require supporting a lot of weight, due to its rigidness.

I tried to explore little details on the design to enhance it to a finished product. I looked at grips and handles on the design for a purpose as well as enhancing the design.



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