Sunday, August 8, 2010

Task 4: Design Excellence

The WELLS WATER PURIFIER was an object that was awarded the 2010 International Design Excellence Award /The 2010 Australian International Design Awards. This poster analyses the Water Purifier’s visual qualities and abilities through the design elements.

Having looked at the Wells Water Purifier I was very surprised to see that something so slick, elegant, simple, and basic, has a real purpose, addressing the health of humans, from the aspects of the purity and cleanliness of water, the amount of water a person should be digesting and monitoring ones health as well as ones conscious of not wasting water. It is amazing how something like a water purifier that has been designed before, has been re – designed and advanced to suit the present issues of the worlds health and limit the supply of water, but at the same time have a modern appearance to it, making the consumer aware of the issues that designs are trying to address.

Through the process of a product form analysis only based around the design elements, it has made be learn how one element can explain a lot about the true purpose of the product, such as in the Well Water Purifier, how by using the colour white, meaning purity and cleanliness, reinforces the purpose of the product, having to be concerned with health and the waste of water, as well as the high gloss finish of the product symbolising a clean and sterile surface. I have also learn that breaking down the product into each feature and the reference to the design elements, advances your understanding in the reason of why the designer has created the product in this form, and why this is the end result. It makes you go in depth and really think about the forms and features of a product.


  1. your poster looks good as it is simple in black and white , which also reflects the simplicity of the prduct. I like the way you put a large image in middle , it engages viewer .
    However , i just wonder what's happened to the image , why are some edges of the product lost and blurry ?
    Also , i recommend you to have a shorted written in each part of your analysis , so the poster would look less busy.

  2. I think that it is really obvious that you put a lot of work into this. You have really thought about each of the principles and elements of design is exoressed in this product. I agree with Lily though that there is a lot of writting on the poster which does make it a bit busy. Overall though good job!