Sunday, August 8, 2010

Task 3: Product Sketching

This task involved us choosing one object from each exhibition which was our favourite and sketching them.

The exhibitions that were visited included:


- Australian International Design Awards

I found that the product called, LONGREACH Buoyancy Deployment was a very convincing product, it would be a great help and use in emergencies in saving people’s lives, especially when people who work in emergency situations want to save as many lives as possible when time is crucial in saving a life. This products purpose is strong when it comes to aeroplane crashes or boat incidents, when there is a problem is in a very sensitive area and access is limited by others, this product will be useful in the life saved. Other products in the exhibition like the Solar Gem Solar Home Lighting System and Pulse Heart Transportation system, Enviromesh and Signos TM Pocket Sized Ultrasound system, I thought were also very purposeful in our society today.

These were some other product designs in the exhibition:

- Re – loved

I found that the chair that was made out of pure plastic sheeting was one of my favourites in the exhibition, as the designer saw a new way in the construction of a chair using vertical contours. As well as the cushion chair, as it protruded the emotions of comfort and warmth, it was great in size, made fully out of fabric with cushioning. It made me want to sit on it.

These were some product designs in the exhibition:

- The 80s are Back

Looking through this exhibition I found a lot of products that have been developed into the 21st century with a new face. One product that stood out for me was the Walkman. The blocky and boxy design amazed me with it’s transformation in appearance of portable music devices that have been revolutionized, such as the iPod. It reminded me of the days where no product was small and slim, but boxy and heavy like this design. It brought back memories when I owned a walkman in the early 20th century close to this design. It was very inconvenient in size and the tapes you had to carry around.

These were some product designs in the exhibition:
*ID20, 20 years of Industrial Design @ UNSW

Through this exhibition I found the most interesting design was the W product, in which the metal was bent and moulding into a W shape. I found this object very interesting due to its unusual shape, the choice of material and the modern aesthetics about the product. It reminded me that design is evolving with the creation of new techniques and use of different materials.

These were some product designs in the exhibition:

*Society for Responsible Design @ PYD

Throughout the exhibition, the product that really stood out for me was the Halo – Conceptual Surgical Light, I found having the light in an elliptical formation is clever in a surgical atmosphere. Xindong Che structure of the product enables the whole or some of the lights to be turned on, and covers the width of the surgical bed. His product is practical and very modern in its appearance. The products elements communicate the feeling of a sterile and clean place to be used in.

*Workshopped @ Chifley Plaza

I thought the Twist Chair by Kenan Wang, was the best design in the exhibition, the red with the contrasting white gloss finished timber added a modern twist to the chair attracting the viewers eyes. Also the chair had a quirky design structure for a chair, as it seemed that the chair could be flipped or turned and a chair would still appear for a person to sit on. It gave the feeling of invitation, wanting, as I felt I wanted to sit in the red part of the seat and the colour, shape and material of the chair was inviting me to try it out. Compared to other designs in the exhibition I thought that this chair was very different based on it structure, the visual of a chair isn’t the shape of this chair that you would think of at first. The creative aspect of the design will make me reflect on this as a chair.

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