Saturday, July 31, 2010

Task 2: My Design Career

It has been a childhood interest since I started school with a passion to draw and construct products with various materials to create something with originality and uniqueness. I had a fascination with colouring, drawing, sewing and the Lego blocks. Every chance I had I would occupy myself with one of these activities. At the start of high school, I was enthusiastic to include Visual Arts and Design and Technology as my two major choices of subjects. From the interesting and challenging work I had completed with different art and design forms which I studied for 6 years, made it clear that I was going to pursue this interest into a career. The decision of becoming an Industrial Designer was influenced when it came to designing my Major Design Project in Year 12.

I created a multi functional furniture piece. I developed and constructed an innovative and original design for a particular need focussing on my interest in the function and purpose of the design. The idea of creating and making a product that is different to existing projects out in the market, compelled me to complete it professionally and successfully whilst underpinning all the knowledge of the design process, through the initial stages of a design brief and identification of a need to the understanding of materials, processes and impacts on the design, to using sophisticated software and machinery, to employ a final product. Through this ambition I gained a band 6 in the Design and Technology subject.

Through this development it was obvious I needed to further my passion of Product Design at university. I chose the University of New South Wales as my learning area, as I attended the Industrial Design information day and read the course outline for Industrial Design at UNSW and was impressed. I found it to be interesting and challenging. This course would suit my ambition to be a product designer. Also living close to the university was an advantage and convenient with minimal travel time involved. I thought I could spend longer hours at the uni to do individual and group work, and also take advantage of the facilities available without worrying about travelling time.

In the future I see myself as a Product Designer dedicated and motivated to do my job at a professional level, reflecting my interest and passion for Industrial Design. I would like to venture into the product and furniture design area, producing items with elements of simplicity, a hint of complexity and beauty in design. I aspire to make the world a better place with functional designs.


  1. Its lovely to hear that High School enable you to reveal that you had a true passion to pursue a further interest in design at UNSW. Your words on what design is and how it compelled you to aspire further are very meaningful. The overall compelling and confident attitude you bring to wanting to become a designer and how your early signs portray that enables me to feel that you will have a successful and professional career.

  2. I too live close to uni and find it convenient to take utilise the facilities that are provided. Its good to see that you are able to continue on with your creative passions that you developed throughout highschool and extend on this further in the future!

  3. its cool to see you gained a band six i myself only got a band 5 so must mean your amazingly awesome, your elemtns of simplicity with a hint of complexity really showed through in your porject 1 form.i hope you do well in your career see you tomorrow!