Monday, October 15, 2012

Project 2: Suppress Addiction Design

 Suppress Addiction Design, is a dispense that attracts the smokers to take notice in the possibilities in quitting smoking. The dispenser will provide an incentive, such as to play a game to be rewarded. However this game also is a learning tool, which is an educating technique for the consumers interacting with this design. This dispensing is initialising their behaviour to consider stopping smoking as they have started to get rid of their cigarettes in exchange for a patch. The throwing away of the cigarettes is an indicator that they are declaring themselves to quit smoking. The rewards are symbolism of a pledge to stop smoking.

In addition they will be supplied with a unique code that is scanned into their phones. This will enable them to claim their rewards. These rewards involve discount tokens for food or fitness memberships. These rewards will encourage healthier living, with the first step of declaring that they are aware and persuaded to stop smoking. Initially the dispensers will have this illuminating light on the dispenser that will intensify as more smoke in the area increases. This brings attention to smoker’s behaviour, but it is the incentive that will bring attraction and action to the dispenser that will educate them and influence their behaviour to change.

Thus the perceived barriers of stopping smoking that were addressed within the design were the:

i.                     lack of incentive to continue/start to quit smoking.

ii.                   High risk temptation situation, that is around alcohol and people to resist smoking.

iii.                  difficult to declare and pledge to quit smoking.

iv.                 difficult to maintain and monitor quitting program.

v.                   emotions of fear, uncertainty, nervousness and doubt trigger smoking.

vi.                 Not convenient or persuaded to stop smoking.

Furthermore, the dispenser is implemented in the pub to address the healthiness of the living and eliminating the barriers that consumers hold against the action to quitting smoking. Suppress Addiction is designed in a way that it is easily maintained, whereby the design includes a pivoting hinge, at the base of the design and is opened vertically, allowing for the service man to access both the cigarette dispenser and the roll of patches as well as the electronics for easy access and repair. The design is implemented with a lock where consumers aren’t able to access the dispenser. The colour orange was used as a link back to the cigarettes theme. The form is bold and curvaous, different to other dispensing machines, moving away from the boxy form as a way to attract consumers to the suppress addiction dispenser.

As a result pubs will provide a dispenser to influence consumers that are more likely to smoking in these facilities to consider smoking a game that has to be conquered with the initial nicotine patch for relief.

The main social issue found was that smokers have the lack of incentive in stopping to top smoking as they are addicted to their smoking habits. Smokers especially in pubs, smoking are a symbol of self-image and control of their emotional/psychological thoughts. Emotions of fear, uncertainty, nervousness and stress are emotions that cause smoking habits. But the most influential situations that smoking occurs is in pubs as consumers to go there to socialise, drink and then smoke, such that as if your friend is smoking it is more likely to smoke with them.

Hence smoking has effects on the environment as cigarettes are created with chemical substances, thus when burnt pollute the earth’s atmosphere. The smoke that come out from the cigarettes including secondary hand smoke affect their health and others whilst affecting the air quality of the environment. Large amounts of butts are littered, affecting the cleanliness of the environment.


  1. Such a great idea! I would take up smoking and try to quit just to be able to interact with this product... Really like the idea of the incentive scheme to promote a healthier lifestyle. This will definitely help to change people's choices about smoking, well done!

  2. I like this idea as I greatly dislike smoking (I'd used more colourful terms normally). I could see myself (and other non-smokers) pinching mates cigerettes to play and get discounts.
    I'd like to see a little more thought into how the product is mounted and made as drunken people can be pretty stupid/destructive.