Sunday, October 10, 2010

Design For Life - Episode 5

In this episode we are shown that the students have to pick up their game as their ideas and designs are becoming real, into prototypes. They will experience the industrial design corporate world with demanding and harsh criticism. Prototyping is a huge investment for designers in which there has to be a real want and ambition in the designer’s idea to enable them to trust and invest a lot of money to see their ideas development and abilities.

It is seen that having technical and more in-depth information into your idea will help you and the prototype fully understand the designs, function, appearance and safety as well as the end result. From this insight being a designer, you have to think in terms of the creator, inventor and technician (to an extent). It is important for designers to believe in their ideas, but to not over complicate the idea itself due to the target markets use and their capability to use it. Having something that is simple in its form and function will increase the usefulness of the design to the targeted user.

Through the process of initial thinking, to development of ideas, to harsh criticism, then to working with a prototype, we as designers cannot forget the real reason in designing products. It is in reason of the user and their experiences and thoughts in the designs use, function etc. Clever branding will influence this attraction and want of the intended target market. There are three things in branding, a promise, an experience and memory. It is meant for the target market to feel these three key things through branding. The branding has to represent these beneficial aspects of the product for the target market.

Know there are two students left in the competition.

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