Monday, September 20, 2010

Product Poster "Hero Shot"


  1. This is a very interesting design. I love the stain that you have used which you would not normall see with a squeezer. The handle makes it easy to hold and I could see that you would get as messy since it is towards the side. :)

  2. I like this "squish squash" i like the way you have interpreted the shape and given it a more organic feel with the wooden stain. I love how you have also integrated the shape of the lemon into this hand tool which sets it appart from other juicers!.
    so WELDONE! i think you have done a great job

  3. I really like the way in which you've used wood for this and gone over with a stain, instead of making it out of some sort of plastic - this way has a more natural feel. The unique shape has also been well thought out, with it being comfortable and easy to hold, as well as functional.